image2talks Weather Channel

It is hard to get feedback from users. inspired us to open a communication channel to image2talks users. We call it the Weather Channel.

Users can rate their experience within the app by clicking a weather icon and leave a 255 characters comment. Comments are stored anonymously.
On this page we show all feedback we received.

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Updated Jul 19th, 22:51 CEST

Our 20 year old daughter loves the real pictures of things on here. She has moderate/severe autism and is non verbal
I wish it was possible to put more than one sentence for the same picture or be able to construct a sentence for example I want apple or I see apple so that this can be use for tacting exercise. Such a pity

I like the app , however all the contact emails for image2talk do not work. I had a question about the app and sent several emails and they were returned. Anyhow, good job on the app.

Just getting used to using this app for my son but so far we love it and find it very easy to use ;-)