Questions we think you will ask

What is AAC?

AAC – Augmentative and Alternative Communication is the term used to describe a huge range of aided and unaided forms of effective communication without natural speech. We all use forms of augmentative communication. For example, body language, gestures, facial expressions, sign, text, symbols and pictures are all forms of AAC. AAC is vital for any person who is unable to meet their communication needs using natural speech.

Effective communication occurs when the intent and meaning of one person is understood by another person and image2talk has been developed to give individuals with severe speech impairments a simple, functional tool to convey their meaning to others.

How do I use image2talk?

That is entirely individual. image2talk has been developed to be easily customised to meet the communication needs of the individual user. If you need to, start of small with images of highly preferred items and build up the number of images and rows over time. Use the row settings to target developing speaker are reader skills. Use the editing function to reorder images to target visual discrimination skills.

Most importantly the individual user needs to be motivated to use image2talk. It is their communication tool and it has to be functional and effective for them.

How do I add an image?

That is easy. Go into settings, tap manage rows and add images, tap the row title of the row you want to add an image too, tap add image from photo gallery. Your camera roll appears and you simply tap the image to import and once it has imported tap on the image to create the display text and speaker output.

Remember you can add images to your camera roll straight from your iPad not only by taking a picture with the iPad but by also going into Safari, searching Google images for an appropriate image and holding your finger on it to save the image to your camera roll.

How do I add a new row?

Simply go into settings, tap manage rows and add images and tap add rows from our gallery. At the top is a blank row, select it and tap +. A blank row appears at the end of your list of rows. Go into that row and tap add image from photo gallery. Your camera roll appears and you simply select the images you want to import. Tap on the row title to give your new row a name and to adjust the settings of the row.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos and files anywhere. Any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically be available to you on any computer, iPad or phone using your Dropbox login.

Dropbox is neat to use with image2talk as you can create a folder in your Dropbox, e.g. treats. Save images from the internet directly into that folder and then import that whole folder into image2talk as a new row by going into settings, tap manage rows and add images and tap add rows from Dropbox folder. The new row will be imported and the name you saved the image as, e.g. popcorn, will automatically be generated as the text label and speaker output but you can also adjust them manually.

Visit to create an account.

(Some of) my Dropbox images don't show

Images smaller than 160 pixels are not imported into image2talk since they are stretched too much. So make sure that your images are higher than 160 pixels.

Does each row have to be a category?

No, the selection of images in each row is entirely personal. Fiona designed image2talk with predefined rows in categories as in school she teaches sorting into categories to develop visual discrimination skills.

How many images can be in each row?

You can have as many or as few images in each row as suits the needs of the individual user. Remember, image2talk needs to be functional so if there are too many images in a row it will take longer to scroll along that row.

Who can use image2talk?

image2talk has been designed for use by adults and children with communication disorders. The only prerequisites to using image2talk are visual discrimination skills and the ability to move and tap the screen.

Will there be an iPhone/iPod app?

Yes we think so, but we don't know by when. We first focused on launching the iPad version.

Settings don't show…

You need to be connected to the internet to see the settings.

I forgot my pin code, is there a way to get into the settings?

Yes, 0178 will unlock the settings. Ssst, don't tell your student(s)!